Knife Drive Technology

Knife Drive Technology

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Pro-Drive Planetary Knife Drives

The problem most knife drives have is the loss of stroke length and force. This is addressed with the SCH Pro-Drive. Designed as a planetary drive, we don’t need drive arms and reversing levers. At the same time the mounting of the drive guarantees all lateral forces are transferred directly to the knife assembly.

The Pro-Drive is grease lubricated, not oil bathed. This makes for minimal maintenance and is environmentally friendly. Pro-Drives are available in a horizontal or vertical power input version. This allows for a maximum of input power variations.

To retrofit your current platform with a Pro-Drive, we recommend having our customer service team assist you with this. They are also available to advise you on all matters regarding our cutting system.

The Pro-Drive advantages…

  • Absolute linear output movement
  • High output forces using lower torque
  • Minimal maintenance, environmentally friendly using grease instead of oil
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